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A treat for lovers of Caribbean Folklore
1) 'Madame Teteron and the Dragon and Other Stories'
2) A Mystery in the depths of the Caribbean Sea.
'Under the Reef'



La Marin - 

In 1765, Frenchman Franz Claude le Noireau, flees the burning, sugar estates of San Domingue, with blood on his hands and enough of the King's gold in his sachet to start a new life anywhere in the Antilles. He has succumbed to the machete wielding horrors which birth free men and new personas fleeing the French island colony.

With a handful of his trusted house slaves Franz Claude embarks on a journey through the churning Antilles to Spanish Trinidad where the light of dawn brings new meaning to his life in the virgin the forest of Scotland Bay.

Madras Raja & Co.

When sugar cane was king in Trinidad, East Indian labourers were brought to the island to work on the estates. Sukee, his uncle, two brothers and sister all came to Trinidad at that time looking, for a better life. He left Madras as Sukee the labourer and landed in Trinidad as RamSukee the Madras Raja.

This is a delightful tale of a community of immigrants struggling to find their way in the unfamiliar setting of the British colony, Trinidad just after the emancipation  of African slaves. 

Le Noireau - 

There is nothing ruthless, conniving, solicitor Jean-Orleans Le Noireau can now do to have the inheritance returned. So he plots and plans and waits as his demure, sixteen year old niece, Astral stumbles through the loneliness and despair of orphaned existence in Scotland Bay. 

Le Noireau set in the estate village of Scotland Bay  and Port of Spain, Trinidad, at the midst of the Second World War weaves a tale of greed, murder and  redemption  of a family at the dawn of democracy in the Caribbean island. 

 Kings of the Caribbean

Edward struts onto the field. His side, the Caribbean Kings are tottering on 62-6.

He didn't know what was worse, picong from the fellas listening to the match on the Redifussion radio boxes in the club house, back in Trinidad or being vilified by his cricket mad countrymen up and down the islands of the Caribbean. He had to score runs today!

Kings of the Caribbean, a novel about cricket mad West Indians   gives a play by play of the lives of four promising West  Indian cricketers all members of the region's foremost cricket team.

Crooked Cabinet 

When American diplomat Rhys Le Noireau is posted to Trinidad he has no idea his presence evokes the memory of one of the most sordid secrets in that country's history.

In 1940, prime real estate, the home of 20 villages along the north west peninsula of Trinidad were leased by the United Kingdom colonial government to the American military for use as a naval base in the south Caribbean.

Crooked Cabinet -a tale of greed, redemption and restoration.