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Posted on April 21, 2019 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (43)

Every day I browse the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers List. Nope, I'm not looking for my novels on there just yet, but I like to gander at the authors whose words inspire and who excel at their craft.

However, the list of African-American novels and authors in the Romance category has me puzzled. I'm not seeing Beverly Jenkins work, neither Brenda Jackson nor Alexandra House. Where are Tiffany Patterson, Aliyah Cole, or any of  the other bestselling ...

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Treasure Trove of Authors of Colour

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While browsing through my Facebook post earlier today, I discovered a Treasure trove of  authors of colour, some of them I never heard about or read. I don't have to tell you guys on here, that I went wild on Amazon and got myself a whole new library of BRAN (Black Romance Author Network) members work.

Then I got to thinking, because even after I bought myself a whole heap of novels by auhors of colour, Amazon still insisted that I be directed ...

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Vickie Mckeehan's Pelican Pointe Series

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Just had to let you guys in on another wonderful series that I stumbled upon on KU (Kindle Unlimited). It is Vickie McKeehan's Pelican Pointe series.

If you like ghosts and drama with HEA's run grab this series and take the time to read every last novel. I have to let you know you have to read this series from the first novel, Promise Cove, or else you may be lost in the fog.

The characters ...

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J.M.Madden's Embattled and Lost and Found Series

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As many of you know, I've found new authors that I absolutely love on BookBub. One of them is Jennifer Madden, who owns the Military Romance and Suspense genre.

Her Embattled/Lost and Found series reveals emotionally flawed men and women, all combat veterans, who have been either physically or emotionally modified by their combal experiences.

My absolute favourite character she has created is John Palmer, a no-holds-barred...

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