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Making the Word Count

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 5:10 AM

Hi all,

As we say in Trinidad 'Boi has it been long!' It’s been more than a year since I last posted a blog on this site. I didn’t realize that I had been away this long.

So much has happened since. I've changed jobs twice, but remained in the same field. My present position is a little more demanding and a lot more challenging both mentally and emotionally, but I am coping by praying constantly and reminding myself that I am equipped with everything I need to complete this assignment and I am counting down the days when I can finally say I’m done with this job.


I know many people may scoff at the fact that I appear to be ungrateful. It isn’t that at all. I thank God every day for employment and even for the challenges that occur, because I know they are all for my good. My rationale is ‘Joseph developed his mastery in the darkest places.’ And if it worked for him, it can certainly work for me!


In my previous blog I explained about my medical troubles after assuming duty just six months into my new posting. For the record I was diagnosed with herniated C4 and C5 disc that required surgery. Anyone who knows me, will tell you, cutting me is out of the question. After suffering in terrible pains for months and guzzling handfuls of medications that left me bloated and fuzzy, I consulted the Great Physician and would you believe He operated and I haven’t had a day’s pain or need for medication since. Can I have an Halleluiah in the house?!


I've been elected President of the Writers Union of Trinidad and Tobago. Nothing to celebrate here as the Union is going through an administrative catharsis that has left members struggling to find a footing in the literary landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. I think for too long WUTT has been a docile organization and after 33 years should have been able to do so much more for the writing community in Trinidad and Tobago. In this regard I visited Guadeloupe as a delegate for the Congress of Caribbean Writers and fully understood why WUTT couldn’t get their act together. Clearly public sector support is required to build this type of organization. I am hopeful that the required support will emerge to enable Trinidad and Tobago writers to participate in international book fairs across the globe.


So I've gained weight (166lbs) and struggle everyday with my eating habits and poor food choices. As you guys know, I’m not a lover of food and fruits and coconut water and selected juices are my thing. For the most part I’ve completely cut out junk foods, but the occasional Royal Castle fried chicken and Subway sandwich does help when it is 3pm and I have not eaten for the day. I’ve also learnt that coffee does not help me at all. I blame that beverage for the herniated disc problems I suffered and now I am very cautious whenever I have the urge for caffeine.


Recently while preparing my tithes to put into the offering the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to me letting me know that my tithes should come from my writing. I don’t think there has been a clearer indication to me that I can, if I get off the bed, stop watching Scooby Doo on ToonCast and start converting that ‘wasted time’ into writing time, that I can be successful as a full time novelist.


My response has been to study the lifestyle of one of my favourite novelist. I know she didn't have a television or internet but to tell you the truth I don't know how Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt did it!


I think right there are the two biggest distractions to my productivity, Television and internet. My writing intentions are all good, until I switch the television on ToonCast and I'm a sucker to Scooby Doo or Looney Toons (Daffy Duck is my stud)! Having had my fill of cartoons, I get on the computer to 'write' and yep I'm surfing the net, reading emails and doing everything else except working at my 1,600 a day word count.


I admit there are some days when I get it right and I smile all the way to the Writing Bank, my word count is up there and I'm feeling just fine. But other days..meah!


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