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Posted on March 31, 2019 at 10:45 AM

So, I'm on a wanderlust, reading and writing binge again. Heading off to read at least 400 novels this year, so far I'm up to 139 and some of them have been extraordinary.


Last year, I discovered several new authors to me, J.M. Madden, Evelyn Adams, Tess Thompson, Kait Nolan, S.J. McCoy, Mary Crawford, Makenna Jameison, Ana E Ross, Marie Force, Carly Phillips, Jill Saunders, Colleen Thompson, Mary Buckham, and my newest 'must read everything she has written' Vickie McKeehan.


Have you read Promise Cove, the first novel in her Pelican Pointe series? Or Mary Buckham's Invisible Recruits series? Or Jennifer Maddens Embattled Road/Lost and Found series? or Makenna Jamesison's Alpha Seals series? You guys are serious missing out.


But this all begun, again, when I was laid up in bed bored stiff. I blame Nicholas Sparks and his lousy novel, The Best of Me, (which in my opinion was the worst of him; but that's another story), for this avaricious reading habit that has returned with a vengeance.


I remember, struggling with Sixth form European History, until I found Jean Plaidy in the Holy Faith Convent library and read everything she had written on the French Revolution. I bet Sister Magdelina never knew innocent looking Jean Plaidy, wrote steamy romance, underneath those stiff collars of the French court. Needless to say I ACED European History at A'Levels.


By then I'd discovered Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins and read everything that Danielle Steel had written to that time. Even going so far as writing my own novel over the course of the summer vacation, and reading an excerpt for my Literature class. I remember this because 'Bumpy' our Literature teacher, Ms Ramsumair kept rolling her eyes during the reading.


That image of Bumpy has stuck with me, even now, all these years later, through readings at international forums and public speaking engagements for work. I've grown a thicker outer garment since those early, 'Bumpy' days. I'd like to think my writing has got better.; but what I haven't yet figured out is why there are so many detractors crowding your space when you decide to pursue your dreams.


I have pretty radical views on a lot of things, I don't fit into the 'normal' mould any more than Daffy Duck. I've played the part of the toe-the-line Public Sector Communicator for years, smiled like a politician when I really wanted to tell you to 'fuck-off' and swallowed my words with a poker face.


Now it's time for me to loose my tongue and rest my bitch face. So now that you've been notified (take this as a public announcement), please remember I use words, I've written them for profit all my adult life and I can use them better than any weapon.


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